Herbruck’s announces expansion of Green Meadow Organics

The expansion of Green Meadow Organics will include increased product offerings to new East Coast markets.

To reach new markets and meet a growing consumer demand for cage-free and organic eggs, Herbruck’s is pleased to announce the rebranding and expansion of its Green Meadow Organics product line.

First launched in 2008, Green Meadow has reliably served customers throughout the Midwest — and since then, consumer expectations and preferences for premium eggs have continued to trend toward more organic varieties. Herbruck’s saw an opportunity to provide more premium options to consumers while also expanding the product line to the East Coast.

“This new expansion is yet another example of what Herbruck’s has long strived for: providing high-quality, nutritious and responsibly sourced eggs to families across the country,” said Greg Herbruck, President of Herbruck’s. “We hope consumers in these new markets fall in love with our eggs like we have.”

Herbruck’s new product line will include cage-free, free-range and pasture-raised eggs in both organic and conventionally fed varieties. For the first time, Herbruck’s will also offer a Backyard Mix line, filled with a colorful variety of white, brown and even blue eggs. 

“We know consumer demand for these premium eggs is out there and constantly expanding,” Herbruck said. “We’re just happy to be able to increase the options available to consumers in the category with this new line.”

The new Green Meadow Organics product line began rolling out in select locations in May.