As a family business with more than 50 years of history in this community, we care about the people, land, air and waterways around us. We practiced sustainability long before it was commonplace.

Herbruck’s demonstrates this commitment to environmental stewardship, not just by meeting or exceeding government regulations, but in many other ways.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

To creatively reduce our waste and byproducts, we’ve developed inventive solutions to minimize our environmental footprint, including: 

  • Capturing and processing bird litter into dried poultry fertilizer eliminating waste on our farms and providing an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers
  • Repurposing eggshells from the breaking plant by drying, sanitizing and adding them back to our feed as an excellent calcium source
  • We also practice responsible waste disposal and waste-water management practices

Additionally, we take pride in our environmentally friendly packaging, which includes clear egg cartons made from recycled consumer packaging; pulp cartons made from newsprint; and foam cartons containing 20 percent recycled material.

Energy efficiency

  • Low-energy lighting in 100 percent of our buildings
  • Solar heating throughout several buildings
  • High-efficiency heat sources and motors to power processes in our plants
  • Grain used as feed is purchased from local growers, avoiding long-distance transportation



Landscape design

  • Trees and landscaping enhance the view of our properties from roadways
  • Green spaces minimize dust and enhance the beauty of our community




Environmental monitoring

Herbruck’s actively participates in the following programs to control emissions and minimize our environmental impact: