Care For Our Hens

Our birds are the bedrock of our business. We believe nurturing our flocks with the best care, handling, nutrition and environmental conditions is not only the right thing to do — it’s good business, too.

That’s why we’ve earned such a sterling reputation in animal care and why our policies and practices have both preceded and exceeded industry and federal guidelines.

Managing our flock

Best care

We give laying hens the love and respect they deserve through personal, attentive care. From pullets to hens nearing retirement age, proper handling is our first priority.

Best nutrition

Proper nutrition is the key to creating the best eggs. That’s why we grow our own grain to create a unique, responsibly sourced feed that’s blended into a special formula.

Best housing

Healthy hens need protection from outside bacterias and predators like foxes and hawks. They also need space to flock, nest, strut and roost. Our housing combines the best in protection in a more natural setting. 


The Herbruck’s management team is continually recruiting top talent across key industries. Currently, we are home to several animal science and nutrition experts who hold degrees from major national and international schools ranging from places near and far.


Staff are consistently held accountable through mandatory sign-offs on company bird care and biosecurity procedures. Moreover, every company employee signs a bio-security and environmental commitment statement.


All caretaking staff members participate in rigorous, regular training in animal handling, health and welfare. Herbruck’s has developed specialized training in procedures such as vaccination and laser beak treatment. All training programs constantly evolve to reflect ongoing improvements.


The active development of our staff is key to Herbruck’s successful operations. The aim is for all of our people to embody the culture of respect that Herbruck’s is known for.

Animal Welfare Policy

As the progressive industry leader, Herbruck’s strives to execute a scientifically based approach to ensuring our birds are free from hunger and thirst; free from disease and discomfort; and free to express their normal behaviors.

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Herbruck’s eggs

Herbruck’s provides fresh, premium-quality eggs, produced and processed to the highest quality and safety standards.

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Industry leadership

Within the industry, Herbruck’s is recognized for its record of innovation in technology and management techniques. Team members are encouraged to find solutions to challenges and suggest better ways to accomplish tasks. 

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About us

Our mission has always been to “Serve the Bird.” It’s more than a motto or mantra — it’s a core value that each and every member of the Herbruck’s team embodies to ensure we’re delivering the best eggs to our customers. 

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