Consumer education efforts

At Herbruck’s, we do what’s best for consumers, providing premium eggs that they can trust — but what brands and products can they trust? What terms matter? What does cage-free mean? That’s where Love Your Eggs comes in.

Demystifying the premium egg category

It’s our goal to partner with grocers and retailers to help consumers understand what they’re taking home from the egg aisle. We utilize a mix of digital and traditional media to reach people on a larger scale. We want consumers to know that they have a choice when it comes to buying eggs — and we’re here to help them make the right one. See for yourself

Aligning consumer values to eggs

Our personality quiz on Love Your Eggs is one part educational and one part entertainment. It was designed to help align consumers with the type of egg that matches their values and their priorities. Budget-conscious? Try some cage-free. More of a naturalist type? Go for organic. Whatever their preference is, we’ve got an egg for them! Take the quiz


Integrating into retail operations

To make positive waves the category, we’ve started working with our retail partners to get our consumer’s attention. From promotions to paid media and co-branding, we’re committed to collaborating with our partners to find the perfect mix for you and your audience.


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