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Happy Easter!


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Recipe of the Month


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Golden Egg award

Jo Ann 

She was Nominated for helping other coworkers 

JoAnn will receive $30 in Herbie Bucks! 

All Nominees will receive $10 in Herbie Bucks! 

Tyler was also nominated in March. 

All Nominees will receive $10 in Herbie Bucks! 

Tyler, JoAnn and Nora were all Nominated in February. 

LMS Training Reminder

Training Due

Hazard Communication training is due March 31st. 

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Don't Forget!

Know our site’s emergency action meeting points!!  


Rally Point Map

Storm Shelter Map

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Rusbel Aruillarbask  4/4 

Brittany Brown     4/20 

Juan Ortiz           4/21 

Celia Ortiz          4/27 




Monthly Meetings

Site Safety Meeting- Friday April 8thth, 2022 @9am 

Rector Road Leadership Meeting- Thursday March 14th, 2022 @12pm 

Service Crew Meeting-  Thursday April 14th, 2022 @1:30pm 

Maintenance Meeting- Wednesday April 20th, 2022 @7am 

Manure Meeting- Wednesday April 20th,2022 @1:30pm 

Flock Service Meeting- Friday April 22nd, 2022 @1:30pm 

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