Meet our next generation

Amy Herbruck

Community and Public Relations Manager

Amy also began working at Herbruck’s at a young age. Her main responsibilities include reviewing requests for egg or financial donations, managing community relationships, promoting the company’s involvement in the community, and ensuring Herbruck’s is seen as a leading employer in the area. When she graduated from Kensington University, CA, with a Bachelor of Psychology, she pursued career opportunities in Florida, Illinois, and Grand Rapids, MI. These experiences include office management, customer service management, account relationship management, and public relations management at companies such as Tortuga Imports Inc., KNOX Nursery, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and Stratford Safety Products. Amy is passionate about connecting relationships between Herbruck’s and the community and donating to local charities.

Vince Herbruck

Poultry Living Systems Manager

Like his fellow fourth-generation cousins, Vince grew up working on the farm. He currently serves as the Manager for Poultry Living Systems. He is responsible for ensuring our chickens have the best quality living conditions and equipment to keep them healthy and happy. Vince has been with Herbruck’s his entire career and enjoys working alongside his family.

Emily Beute


Emily is a fourth-generation Herbruck who has worked on and off at the company since she was young. Her primary responsibilities include scheduling interviews, orientation, and job postings, as well as following up with applicants and working with managers to maintain up-to-date information. Emily received her Bachelor of Business Administration at Davenport University and has previously been a receptionist, make-up artist, and reading tutor. Emily enjoys bringing talented individuals onto the Herbruck’s team.

Brennen Herbruck

Bird Health and Nutrition Manager

Brennen has been with the company for over 11 years and has been in the poultry business his entire career. Brennen is the Bird Health and Nutrition Manager responsible for keeping Herbruck’s birds healthy and regulated. Brennen is also a coder and enjoys spending time on the computer developing new technical solutions for Herbruck’s.

Cody Herbruck

Director of Processing and Operations

Cody has over twenty years of experience in the Poultry Industry and is responsible for overseeing four processing plants, ongoing projects, capital expenses, and sustainable energy. As a fourth-generation Herbruck, Cody began working with the company at a young age. Throughout his teenage years, Cody worked part-time, and following his graduation with a Bachelor of Economics from Hope College, he began working full time. Cody led the Herbruck’s solar project at Green Meadow Organics that brings clean energy to the community and our farm; because of his efforts, Herbruck’s was able to recycle over 12,731 tons of materials in 2021.

Jake Herbruck

Sales and Operations Manager

Jake also grew up working part-time at Herbruck’s. After earning his Bachelor’s in Business Management, Jake began working full-time at Herbruck’s. His primary responsibilities include managing relationships between Herbruck’s sales team and operations departments, developing solutions with operations departments to meet customer needs, and managing the flow of new and existing egg and fertilizer products internally and externally. Jake has spent over ten years in the poultry industry and is passionate about maintaining Herbruck’s position as a leading egg producer in Michigan.