Completing the Organic Cycle

Once we ensure our birds get the best possible care and nutrition, we stand back and let them turn their super-healthy-for-chickens feed into a super-healthy-for-soil litter.

After the birds have completed their, um, “proprietary process,” we carry out our own proprietary process of dehydration and pelletization. The result is an all-purpose, organic fertilizer that gives your soil the water-maintaining, root-strengthening, tilth-improving organic matter it needs to support happier, healthier, more bountiful plants.

Whether for your crops, garden, or lawn we have the right fertilizer to help you grow the best, naturally.

Nature’s Supreme All-Natural Fertilizer

As you mightʼve guessed from our brand name,
we believe nature is the supreme authority on all things—well, natural.

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Agricultural Fertilizer

Whether you farm a small plot or hundreds of acres we have the perfect, all-natural fertilizer for you.

Available in pellets and crumbles in both heat-treated and non-heat-treated varieties they are sure to become your favorite fertilizer.

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