Blue Springs Egg Farm

Blue Springs Egg Farm, our sustainable cage-free egg-laying facility in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, was completed in 2022 and incorporates leading sustainability practices and uses the most innovative technology in our industry to produce high-quality, nutritious eggs. The facility is a more than $100 million economic development project for Franklin County.

About Blue Springs Egg Farm

Blue Springs Egg Farm is the newest Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch Facility where eggs are produced and processed for distribution to the northeastern United States market. As a fourth-generation family business, Herbruck’s infused our core key pillars – People, Planet, Products and Prosperity – into every aspect of Blue Springs.

We truly appreciate being involved in the Mercersburg community and contributing to the local and regional economies.

Blue Springs Egg Farm uses the most innovative technology in the poultry industry to process eggs, and to process hen litter into organic fertilizer on-site, which eliminates odors and provides nutrient-rich organic fertilizer for local farmers.

What biosecurity measures does Herbruck’s have in place to ensure the health of the surrounding community?

To ensure the safety of our birds, our product, and our people, Herbruck’s has long required strict biosecurity measures at each of our facilities.

These measures include:

    • Restriction of visitors
    • Strict policies when on-premise
    • Limited interactions between facilities
    • Standards on employee and contractor behavior

Coming to Blue Springs?

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