Our Eggs

We didn’t set out to create the most delicious, nutritious egg in the world. We just wanted to do the right thing for our birds and our neighbors. Amazing eggs are the result of our forward-thinking efforts and initiatives. Today we help supply customers with everything from beloved name-brand eggs to private label products.

Branded eggs

From independent grocers to national retailers, we offer premium, brand-name eggs to outfits across the country.

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Private label

Our premium eggs, your valued name. We provide private label eggs for national retailers throughout the country. Whatever the need, we can supply you with the right, responsibly sourced eggs for your market. 

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Food service

For over 30 years, our family-led business has serviced some of the biggest names in the food service industry. Learn what we can do for your organization.

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Food safety

Herbruck’s provides premium eggs to our customers, produced and processed to the highest quality and safety standards.

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Our packaging

Herbruck’s has long been a leader in using sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging. As a company dedicated to innovation, we’ll never stop seeking new ways to improve our packaging and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s part of what who we are.

These are types of packaging we are offering to our partners. They’re all made from recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable after use. 

  • Clear egg cartons made from recycled consumer packaging
  • Pulp cartons made from newsprint
  • Foam cartons containing 20 percent recycled material

Innovative operations

Within the industry, Herbruck’s is recognized for its record of innovation in technology and management techniques. Team members are encouraged to find solutions to challenges and suggest better ways to accomplish tasks. 

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