Our Values

Our family was raised on the notion that handshakes and promises are unbreakable, your name means something to your community,
and if you’re going to do business, do it with integrity and purpose.

A heart for hens, a head for business

At Herbruck’s, our values drive our organization forward. They ensure we treat the animals, land and community with respect. They’re why we emphasize openness, constant learning and fearlessness in innovation. And they’re why we’ll never cut corners when doing the right thing. These values go beyond the typical corporate-speak and wallpaper words. We live them. We speak them. We use them as the ultimate guide to inform business decisions daily — and well into the future.

As a family-run business, it’s important to us – just as it was for our parents and grandparents – that Herbruck’s be a good employer, neighbor, and corporate citizen.

Care for our hens

Care for our environment

Care for our communities

Care for our families


Care for our hens


For decades, Herbruck’s has led the industry in setting the standards for hen health and best poultry practices.

Managing our flock with the…

Best care: We give laying hens the love and respect they deserve through personal, attentive care. From pullets to hens nearing retirement age, proper handling is our first priority.

Best nutrition: Proper nutrition is the key to creating the best eggs. That’s why we grow our own grain to create a unique, responsibly sourced feed that’s blended into a special formula.

Best housing: Healthy hens need protection from outside bacterias and predators like foxes and hawks. They also need space to flock, nest, strut and roost. Our housing combines the best in protection in a more natural setting.


The Herbruck’s management team is continually recruiting top talent across key industries. Currently, we are home to several animal science and nutrition experts who hold degrees from major national and international schools ranging from places near and far.


Staff are consistently held accountable through mandatory sign-offs on company bird care and biosecurity procedures. Moreover, every company employee signs a bio-security and environmental commitment statement.


All caretaking staff members participate in rigorous, regular training in animal handling, health and welfare. Herbruck’s has developed specialized training in procedures such as vaccination and laser beak treatment. All training programs constantly evolve to reflect ongoing improvements.


The active development of our staff is key to Herbruck’s successful operations. The aim is for all of our people to embody the culture of respect that Herbruck’s is known for.


Care for our environment


It’s not enough to care about the environment. As part of our culture, we set the bar for environmental standards.

Read our 2023 Sustainability Report

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To creatively reduce our waste and byproducts, we’ve developed inventive solutions to minimize our environmental footprint, including:

  • Capturing and processing bird litter into dried poultry fertilizer — eliminating waste on our farms and providing an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers
  • Repurposing eggshells from the breaking plant by drying, sanitizing and adding them back to our feed as an excellent calcium source
  • We also practice responsible waste disposal and waste-water management practices

Additionally, we take pride in our environmentally friendly packaging, which includes clear egg cartons made from recycled consumer packaging; pulp cartons made from newsprint; and foam cartons containing 20 percent recycled material.


Care for our communities


We’re not just an egg operation, we’re part of our community. And we take great pride in making our presence matter.


See more details about the non-profits we support

Herbruck’s deep-rooted culture of community shines through in many ways

  • Egg donations to food banks, relief agencies, and community organizations  totaling nearly two million eggs per year
  • Community event sponsorships
  • Yearly community breakfast hosted and served by our staff
  • Egg donations to the local firefighters’ annual pancake breakfast, an all-day fundraiser
  • Sourcing locally: Almost all of Herbruck’s organic and vegetarian feed ingredients are sourced from within Michigan


Project Ebenezer

For over a decade, the Herbruck family has led a faith-based initiative in rural Zimbabwe that equips young people with the practical skills needed to run their own small-scale agricultural businesses, and the spiritual maturity to be able to live Christ-centered lives in their communities.

Additionally, participants are also able to run their own small-scale poultry business, working in teams to raise batches of broiler chickens and, ultimately, receive a portion of the profits.


Care for our families


Our team members and their families are the backbone of our company. With modern wellness programs and facilities, we help them thrive both on and off the farm.

Our benefits package is one of the industry’s most comprehensive and helps supplement the competitive wages we offer.

Premium-free healthcare
Our employees avoid the monthly payments to the insurance provider with one of the best health plans around.

Wellness center
If an employee or family member becomes ill or needs a checkup, they can visit our onsite Wellness Center.

HSA matching
We match all employee HSA contributions up to $500 for individuals and $1,000 for families.

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