Team Spotlight

Learn a little more about our team members that make up the Herbruck’s family.

Tyler Graham

Career growth means something different for each of us. Luckily, we have a talented team, with everyone having a unique career journey at Herbruck’s.

Meet Tyler Graham. Tyler started at Herbruck’s in 2015 as a loader. He was then quickly promoted to 2nd shift supervisor. However, in 2017 he took another job offer but ultimately decided Herbruck’s was the place for him, and he returned in 2019. Since his return, he has worked hard and is an asset to the Warehouse team. Recently, Tyler was promoted to Warehouse Assistant Manager at Main Farm, where he continues to work hard and ensures all the eggs get loaded onto the trucks and sent to the correct stores.

Lisa Lake

Lisa Lake has been a team member at the Hennery since February 2022. She started on the breaking side as a processor and has since been promoted to the first women’s tanker team member/Floor Coordinator at the Hennery. This position requires a lot of responsibility.

Lisa’s duties include loading tankers, overseeing the breaking room, ensuring product temperatures are within a critical limit and is responsible for the liquid egg. Lisa is the last person to see the product before it leaves our facility. She has worked hard learning the process and continues to do an outstanding job.

Lisa is leading the way for other women to grow at Herbruck’s.

Devin Bowers

Devin Bowers joined Herbruck’s in August of 2021 without truck driving experience. After working in the warehouse for a few months, he received his Farm Permit in November 2021 and tested above average on his road test. When he expressed his interest in a career in truck driving, Devin was not only allowed but encouraged to practice driving and docking at Main Farm. After developing his skills behind the wheel, he tested for his CDL-P and enrolled in driving school. During the 3-month wait to start classes, Devin studied for hours and took more than 30 quizzes on theory, air brakes, inspections, etc. The CDL-A classes began on June 13 and after more than 60 hours of road time, Devin received his diploma and certificate on June 23. On June 24, 2022, Devin officially became a licensed CDL-A driver.

“This experience was amazing,” Devin remarked on the CDL-A pilot program. “West Michigan CDL was a great choice of school with fantastic instructors. I am very grateful to have taken part in this journey. My wife, kids, and I are excited to see what the future holds for me and Herbruck’s. I am so thankful for Herbruck’s taking this risk, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to start a career in truck driving.”

Jose Lopez

Programs like Herbruck’s DOL Apprenticeship Program help develop our team members to be the best they can be. This program is a partnership between Montcalm Community College and Herbruck’s focused on developing apprentices through education combined with on-the-job learning to develop the skill and proficiency of a skilled journey worker. Apprentices learn to act professionally, think critically, and collaborate with diverse groups of people. Jose Lopez completed this program to become nationally recognized by the Department of Labor as a Journey Level Maintenance Repairer.

Jose started at Herbruck’s in 2002 and has worked in processing maintenance on the breaking side at the Hennery since 2016. Jose has since was accepted into Herbruck’s DOL Apprenticeship program.

When Jose started the program he said, “I thought I was well rounded in my ability as a maintenance tech. As I got going, I quickly realized there are different skills to troubleshoot problems more effectively and safely.” Jose explains he was humbled by the experience and can now use the experience to gain the trust of fellow team members and be capable of completing tasks independently. Another big takeaway from the program was learning all the proper terms of the machinery components and finding better and safer methods of fixing machines.

On a typical day, Jose processes new work orders and supports operation startups. He has also been working with our Blue Springs Egg Farm in Pennsylvania completing panel builds and electrical support.

Outside of work, Jose enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his wife, five children, and grandson. He said he enjoys being depended on to fix things around the house since his children tell him “he is the best fixer around.”