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Herbruck’s team member appointed to statewide agricultural foundation board

A Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch team member has been appointed to the Michigan FFA Foundation Board of Directors, which helps grow the state’s future agricultural leaders.

Brittany Brown, senior pullet manager at Herbruck’s for 10 years, joined the Michigan FFA Foundation board in February after being involved with the FFA since high school.

“As an FFA Foundation board member I have great opportunities to interact with students and share my knowledge of the agricultural industry that I’ve learned through my own involvements with the FFA and working at Herbruck’s,” Brown said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve and help continue shaping our industry’s future leaders.”

The board is in place to help ensure the FFA can support students for generations to come. It works to encourage young people to be leaders in agriscience and help develop the careers of Michigan’s future agricultural leaders. The foundation board supports the Michigan FFA, which prepares students to fulfill the growing diversity and new opportunities in the agricultural industry.

Brown participated in the Michigan FFA in high school, holding the treasurer position for two years, served on the Belding FFA Board and judged FFA competitions held at Ionia High School.

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is a fourth-generation family farm based in Saranac, Michigan. Herbruck’s is the largest egg producer in Michigan and has locations in Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. For more information about Herbruck’s, visit:

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch earns awards for marketing projects

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch marketing staff earned multiple awards for two projects from the West Michigan American Advertising Federation during a ceremony Thursday.

The Game of Life: Herbruck’s Edition and the Herbruck’s Coloring Book, were awarded Gold and Silver, respectively, American Advertising Awards honors called ADDYs that recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

“At Herbruck’s, we are always looking for creative ways to teach the community and our egg consumers about what we do, how we care for our hens and our commitments to our team and sustainability.,” said Lydia Ellison, brand manager at Herbruck’s. “These projects highlight all the great ways Herbruck’s makes delicious eggs and how we strive to be a good neighbor to the communities we serve. We’re so proud to have earned these awards for these two projects that were incredibly fun to work on and share with our community.”

The projects are meant to engage the community, Herbruck’s team members, customers and future industry leaders in a fun way, demonstrating certain processes in the egg industry so consumers can learn more and get excited about where their eggs come from.

A great deal of creative brainstorming and artistry went into both projects, from deciding how a player would go through “life” at Herbruck’s, to drawing and creating the game board, cards and money and creating relevant milestones for gameplay in The Game of Life: Herbruck’s Edition. The game walks players through the day-to-day life at Herbruck’s, highlighting the many different career paths Herbruck’s offers from information technology to processing to veterinarian, among others. The game was given away to several winners during a Facebook contest in which Herbruck’s had such a large response that it doubled the number of games given away. Herbruck’s team members also participated in an internal contest.

For the coloring book, the marketing team chose which parts of the company to highlight, as well as the history of Herbruck’s and various aspects of egg processing and production, including the life cycle of the hens. Kristin Donnelly, marketing coordinator, used an iPad to draw each coloring page with inspiration from photos of Herbruck’s flocks and facilities.

The coloring books are given to local schools, 4-H Clubs and during giveaways on social media. Those interested in obtaining a book can contact

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is a fourth-generation family farm based in Saranac, Michigan. Herbruck’s is the largest egg producer in Michigan and has locations in Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. For more information about Herbruck’s, visit:

Herbruck’s donates more than 2.2 million eggs during 2022

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch today announced it has donated 2.2 million eggs this year, topping the number of eggs donated by the fourth-generation family business in any previous year.

“Herbruck’s is so proud to have donated 2.2 million eggs during 2022, an ambitious goal we set at the beginning of the year,” said Amy Herbruck, public and community relations manager at Herbruck’s. “We strive to be a good neighbor to the communities we serve and are grateful to be able to help those in need and give back.”

Herbruck’s has consistently donated more than 1 million eggs per year, mostly to local and regional charities and nonprofits, and the number of eggs donated grows each year.

Organizations receiving eggs include dozens of nonprofits and community groups across Michigan and organizations in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, where Herbruck’s began production at Blue Springs Egg Farm, a sustainable cage-free egg-laying facility.

Along with eggs, Herbruck’s donates funding and other resources to organizations for events and charitable activities, like wrapping gifts to distribute with Toys for Tots.

“With egg donations from Herbruck’s included, we were able to provide 18,720 meals to more than 8,500 people in Ionia County in 2022,” said Terry Lewis, food pantry director at Ionia Church of the Nazarene. “Eggs from Herbruck’s supplied a much-needed source of protein for some of our most vulnerable community members, and it brings joy to our hearts that through the partnership with Herbruck’s we’re making a difference and showing our community that we care about our neighbors.”

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is a fourth-generation family farm based in Saranac, Michigan. Herbruck’s is the largest egg producer in Michigan and has locations in Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. For more information about Herbruck’s, visit:

Michigan poultry producers on high alert as avian influenza spreads through US

A lethal form of avian influenza recently hit an Indiana turkey farm and Kentucky broiler flock, causing other countries to ban imports from the Hoosier state and stirring movement from Michigan poultry producers.

One such operation is Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, the state’s largest egg producer.

Herbruck’s Mohamed Mousa said the company’s entered a code orange in terms of biosecurity. That means no visitors, sales representatives, tours, and employees and trucks entering poultry facilities must follow strict guidelines.

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U.S. Department of Energy Anticipates Increased Solar Supply

In a recent Department of Energy release entitled “Solar Futures Study” prepared by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Agency predicted that 35 percent of the U.S. requirement for electricity could be provided by solar in 2035.  Further investment could increase the proportion to 45 percent by 2050. By Simon M. Shane

Herbruck’s installing solar array at Green Meadow Organics facility 

Array of solar panels will produce sustainable energy to help power facility 

SARANAC, Mich. – Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch has partnered with ES Services Company, a subsidiary of CMS Energy, to build an approximately 2-megawatt solar array at its Green Meadow Organics facility in Saranac.

Spread over eight acres, the solar array will produce enough electricity to meet about a quarter of the power demand for the Green Meadow Organics facility. The facility was launched in 2008 by Herbruck’s to produce premium organic, cage-free eggs and all-natural fertilizers.

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Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch deploys sheep to graze grounds at organics facility

Sheep will maintain vegetation around the newly installed solar array

SARANAC, Mich. – Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch has implemented its newest innovation, a grass-cutting tool that doesn’t require gasoline or oil changes and that aerates grounds and spreads natural fertilizer: Sheep.

The sheep – Apple, Flopsy, Flora, Patches, Sarah, and Wendy (if you’re counting sheep, that’s six total) – will work as lawnmowers at the Herbruck’s Green Meadow Organics facility in Saranac this summer to maintain the vegetation around the 2-acre solar array that will be complete in August.

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