Herbruck’s provides hens with excellent care to produce high-quality eggs

March 19, 2024

SARANAC, Mich. – For more than 60 years, Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch has provided high-quality, expert care for its egg-laying hens.

On National Poultry Day, Herbruck’s is highlighting its process to produce delicious, nutritious, high-quality eggs, which starts with dedicating many resources to caring for its flock of 11 million egg-laying hens at its Michigan and Pennsylvania locations, helping ensure they have the best medical care, nutrition and living environment.

“Our birds are the bedrock of our fourth-generation family business, and we care deeply about their health and well-being because it’s good for business – and it’s the right thing to do,” said Joseph Sullivan, DVM, corporate veterinarian at Herbruck’s. “As we continue to grow, animal care will remain one of our top priorities.”

Ensuring the hens have proper veterinary care, Herbruck’s veterinary staff, along with many other team members who care for birds, drives continuous improvement in animal care and ensures the flock’s overall well-being. Herbruck’s hens are fed a diet of locally sourced grain to create responsibly sourced feed.

An incredibly important aspect of caring for the hens and ensuring their health is protecting them from outside bacteria and predators. Herbruck’s gives its hens the best protection in a natural setting where they have space to mingle, dustbathe and roost. Keeping the hens safe includes strict biosecurity protocols, which have been standard operating procedure at Herbruck’s for years.

“Protecting the flock is our top priority, and the biosecurity measures we practice have been extremely important, especially in the last couple of years with outbreaks of avian influenza seen across the country,” Sullivan said. “We are setting the standard for animal care and look forward to healthy flocks and delicious eggs for many years to come.”

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is a fourth-generation family farm based in Saranac, Michigan. Herbruck’s is the largest egg producer in Michigan and has locations in Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. For more information about Herbruck’s, visit: www.herbrucks.com.