Egg-laying hens arrive at Blue Springs Egg Farm

November 14, 2022

MERCERSBURG, Penn. – About 170,000 new residents arrived in Mercersburg today to begin producing eggs and contributing to the local and regional economy.

Egg-laying hens arrived home at Blue Springs Egg Farm, the $100 million sustainable cage-free egg-laying facility opened by Herbruck’s of Pennsylvania. With the arrival of hens, egg production will begin at Blue Springs.

“We are excited to welcome our egg-laying hens to Blue Springs, and to begin operations at Blue Springs Egg Farm,” said Melanie Herbruck Jones, with Herbruck’s. “As a fourth-generation family business, Herbruck’s infused our core values – People, Planet, Products and Prosperity – into every part of Blue Springs, and we’re looking forward to providing economic benefits for Mercersburg and beyond for years to come.”

Herbruck’s is committed to hiring local talent to work at Blue Springs, and 100 local residents have been hired to work at the facility. Blue Springs will employ nearly 200 people when it is fully operational, and those who wish to apply can do so on the Herbruck’s website.

Blue Springs Egg Farm will use the most innovative technology in the poultry industry to process eggs, and to process hen litter into organic fertilizer on-site, which eliminates odors and provides nutrient-rich organic fertilizer for local farmers.

The start of operations at Blue Springs Egg Farm will bring economic activity that will benefit the entire Mercersburg community and local region.