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Regular or Heat Treated

Pelletized poultry fertilizer is an organic, nutrient-rich product. It is processed onsite from hen litter using a proprietary process of dehydration and pelletization. Pelletized poultry fertilizer is in high demand by grain producers and other growers as this innovative process is beneficial for the environment and is a source of crop nutrients that will increase profits when used properly.

Product Benefits:

  • Stimulates soil health and improves crop production
  • Provides food for beneficial microbes to assure the proper decomposition of crop residue
  • Provides organic matter, which is the governor of moisture for the soil. Organic matter holds five times its weight in water. The higher the carbon content in the soil, the less plants are stressed from heat and drought during times of temperature extremes.
  • Increasing organic matter will improve soil tilth, making it more productive and easier to work.
  • Raising the organic matter content will increase the holding capacity for water and nutrients on sandy soils, and reduce the loss of nutrients through leaching and run-off that causes pollution of streams, lakes, and groundwater.
  • Higher organic matter will loosen clay soils allowing better root penetration and improved air and water movement, which means better nutrient availability for crops.
  • Independent research farms and farmers in several states show increased profits where pelleted poultry fertilizer is used.

Product Features:

  • Easy to handle pellets
  • Spreadable using lime spreading equipment
  • Low odor
  • Suitable for organic farming; a superior alternative to chemical fertilizers
  • An excellent source of slow-release nitrogen
  • Contains 80 lbs. of nitrogen per ton (95% organic nitrogen, 5% ammonium nitrogen); approximately two-thirds of organic nitrogen content is mineralized in the first year
  • OMRI listed Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch Heat-treated pellets can be applied to fruits and vegetable crops with no pre-harvest application interval required.

Also available as a Crumbled Pellet!


Fertilizer analysis, statements and OMRI certifications can be found below:

Pelletized Poultry Fertilizer Analysis (PDF)

No Synthetics statement (PDF)

OMRI Certification (Pellets)

OMRI Certification (Crumbles)

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