‘The Coop’ launch!

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch has announced the opening of “The Coop,” its official merchandise store.

Herbruck’s employees and customers can purchase merchandise including Herbruck’s embroidered coats, sweatpants, toddler shirts, coffee mugs and more. Employees are awarded “Herbie Bucks” which can be redeemed at the Coop.

“We want our employees to be able to purchase Herbruck’s clothing and show their pride in working here, while also building the Herbruck’s brand,” said Lydia Ellison, marketing coordinator at Herbruck’s. “We wanted to create a space where employees are comfortable shopping and can have their ideas for clothing be heard. The Coop is an opportunity for the public to show its support for Herbruck’s and wear branding from a local business.”

The Coop was rebranded from the former “The Ruffled Feather.” The new name was chosen because a chicken coop previously stood where the store is today.

“Herbie Bucks,” which are awarded to employees who go above and beyond their duties, can be redeemed at The Coop. Employees also receive $10 Herbie Bucks for their birthdays. Herbruck’s is also in the process of creating The Coop: On Wheels, a “swag wagon” for employees who have not had a chance to shop.

The Coop is also open to the public, in-store and online through the Herbruck’s website.