U.S. Department of Energy Anticipates Increased Solar Supply

Egg-News.com By Simon M. Shane


Although capital investment in solar and other environmentally acceptable generation may attain $560 billion, this will be offset by the cost of environmental degradation attributed to climate change caused by fossil fuels. Expenditure on repair of infrastructure after hurricanes, floods, polar vortices and droughts must be considered in relation to any investment in alternative sources of energy.

Apart from the technical issues, socioeconomic factors must be taken into account.  Workers involved in fossil fuel generation will be displaced and compensatory resources must be allocated in an equitable way.

Progressive companies such as family-owned and operated Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch Inc. have installed solar panels adjacent to their Green Meadow Organic complex.  Greater use should be made of the potential to generate on-farm power that will in the short term require increased government subsidies.

*Corrected article to reflect the Green Meadow complex