Values in Action: Prosperity

Values in Action: Prosperity
Sustainability Report 2020

From expanding our facilities and markets to making investments, Herbruck’s continues to be future-focused.

At Herbruck’s our growth opportunities, process improvements, and cost savings, as well as our commitment to ethics, are our indicators for prosperity. Prosperity is one of our four core pillars – People, Planet, Product, and Prosperity – when it comes to operating a sustainable business, as outlined in our new Sustainability Report.

We’re always seeking to expand our product line to help meet the interests and needs of customers. Herbruck’s is expanding our facilities in Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, which will save on the cost of freight, allow for cost-competitive products and increase sales. There are also many opportunities to expand our markets and bring awareness to our eggs, like our pink ribbon stamp that aims to increase breast cancer awareness, or our Meijer and Just Crack an Egg pair-up.

Our birds are a huge part of our prosperity. Hens that have a healthy amount of enrichment make delicious, nutritious eggs. Each day we strive to provide the best possible bird care, from cage-free housing to improving our skills in animal husbandry through detailed training of employees.

We provide annual animal husbandry and biosecurity training to our team members to ensure hens are cared for ethically and according to best practices. This has resulted in a 100 percent pass rate in multiple animal welfare audit programs, including United Egg Producers Certified, Certified Humane, and American Humane Certified.

Looking toward the future, Herbruck’s is making several short- and long-term investments to lower our costs and increase our yields, including a new cage-free barn design, which houses more hens and gives each bird more cubic feet of space; improved ventilation systems, which allows more energy efficiency; and new robotics throughout our facilities to automate our practices, among many other investments.

All these practices go back to our core values: People, Planet, Products, and Prosperity. The investments we make now will ensure Herbruck’s continues to grow for years to come.

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