Every month, the management team nominates a team member who goes above and beyond for the prestigious “Good Egg” award.


Zack Carter

Congratulations to two-time Good Egg winner Zack Carter. Zack is a Junior Analyst at the Main Office and has been with us for over nine years. When asked what his typical day looks like, he stated a regular day typically starts with checking on reports to make sure everything is refreshing correctly and checking emails. After that, his time is usually spent working on various reports, troubleshooting issues with our data as they come up, problem-solving, and brainstorming new ideas for reports and strategies to help our team.

Outside of work, Zack enjoys spending time with friends, whether it’s around a bonfire, bowling, or playing disc golf. To relax, he enjoys Netflix, playing games, and hanging out with his cat.

His advice to new employees is to “ask questions early and often. The more you learn, the better chance you’ll give yourself in advancing and making an impact.”

Congratulations on your win Zack. We are proud to have you on our team!

Maidelys Padro Ayala

Congratulations to first-time Good Egg winner Maidelys Padro Ayala. Maidelys works at Main Farm Production and has been an employee with Herbruck’s for over a year. She was shocked and surprised to learn she had won!

When asked what her typical day looks like, Maidelys said she helps all employees get assigned with their house and supplies needed for the day and checks feed and water for the houses. Her day continues with working on projects and assisting employees when needed. Her advice for new employees is “always try to do good at, and if you try hard and work hard in the long run you will be rewarded.”

When Maidelys is not working, she can be found dancing, spending time with her friends and family, and learning about the different cultures in the United States.

Way to go Maidelys! Thank you for being part of the Herbruck family!


LeeAnn Anderson

It’s no surprise that HR Generalist LeeAnn Anderson is a repeat GEOTM winner. She is humbled that she was recognized, even though she doesn’t enjoy the limelight. A typical day for LeeAnn is anything but dull. She answers many emails, phone calls, and in-person visits from employees regarding their time, vacation, benefits, and more. LeeAnn enjoys the wide variety of responsibilities and the ability to learn new things that her position brings. One of the favorite parts of her job is doing site visits with the employees, especially in the summer on ice cream day!

Outside of work, LeeAnn enjoys spending time with her two teenage sons, Will and Owen. But since they are teenagers, she says she only sees them when they want food or money, so she keeps herself busy with home improvement projects. Time out with friends and family or going for a good hike brings her a lot of happiness.

When asked for advice for a new hire LeeAnn says, “If you are struggling with something, ask for help. And this goes for everybody!” Thank you for being an essential part of the Herbruck’s team!

Muhammad Afzal

Muhammad is a first-time winner of the GEOTM award, and he said he feels grateful and very appreciated that he won. Muhammad has been with Herbruck’s since April 2019. As the Animal Welfare Auditor, he works nights along with the Station crew observing bird moves, vaccinations, and spent hens, as well as performing internal audits at all of our facilities. He speaks multiple languages and strives to maintain excellent communication with the Station crew members. When not shadowing the Station crews or conducting internal audits, Muhammad seeks to learn more about our certifying bodies and each set of animal welfare,
federal programs, and food safety standards we must comply with here at Herbruck’s. He says his favorite thing about work is to train new employees and spend time with the birds.

Outside of work, Muhammad likes to go shopping and spend time with his family, especially his daughter.

Thank you for everything you do, Muhammad