Every month, the management team nominates a team member who goes above and beyond for the prestigious “Good Egg” award.


Ruth Jankowiak

Congratulations to first-time GEOTM winner Ruth Jankowiak. Ruth is the Main Farm Guard Shack attendant and has been with Herbruck’s for three years.

A typical day for Ruth includes ensuring people are spraying their feet with Lysol, relaying information for truckers to shipping and receiving, and taking in and mailing out packages. Most importantly, making sure biosecurity is enforced. Her favorite thing about her job is interacting with the people who come to Main Farm. Her advice for a new hire is to “learn all you can because Herbruck’s has a lot to offer and wants to see people advance in their careers.”

Outside of work, Ruth likes to hike, swim, kayak, fish, and ride bikes. Ruth and her husband are planning a trip to Copper Harbor to see copper mines.

Keep up the great work, Ruth.

Man Subba

Man is a first-time GEOTM winner and has been with Herbruck’s for eight years. When Man found out he won Good Egg, he felt very lucky.

Man works as a Service Crew team member at the Chickery, where on a typical day, he brings in new baby chicks and ensures they have a clean and safe environment before they come in. Man’s favorite thing about work is looking for roosters (good luck finding one here, Man!).

Outside of work, Man enjoys being outside working in the yard. Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work, Man!



Lacie McGraw, QA/FS Practitioner

Congratulations to first-time GEOTM winner Lacie McGraw. Lacie has been with Herbruck’s for over five years and is currently the QA/FS Practitioner at GMO. She said she was very surprised and honored to found out she won.

A typical day for Lacie includes grading eggs to ensure our quality and Herbruck’s integrity is held to the highest standard and during processing break time, she helps out processing by working on the line to relieve team members. Back in her office, she enters data, updates procedures and other necessary forms, does preventative maintenance, and helps the QA team where it is needed. Her favorite thing about work is interacting with people, verifying documents, and organizing the files and paperwork. She enjoys working with the small details that her position requires.

Outside of work, Lacie likes to hang out with her three kids and her big dog. They like to go for walks, do arts and crafts, watch movies, and go on adventures. The rest of her summer plans include taking her kids to new places around Michigan, home renovations, and a trip to New York.

Keep up the great work, Lacie.

Jessica Duram, GMO Processing Assistant Manager

Congratulations to second-time GEOTM winner Jessica Duram. Jessica is the GMO Processing Assistant Manager. She said she is shocked that she won again since she won a few years ago and feels blessed to have won it twice now!

A typical day for Jessica starts at 5 am, getting the machine set up with the correct products that they are running for the day, changing products over throughout the day, checking dates for accuracy, and interacting with fellow team members. Her advice to any new hire would be, “starting out could be rough, but if you stick with it and do a good job, there is always room to grow with the company!”

Outside of work, Jessica loves spending time with her sons, Lincoln and Lawsen. Their favorite thing to do is go hiking through the woods and look for cool bugs.

Thank you for all your hard work, Jessica. We are proud to have you on our team!


Rachael Munn,  HR Coordinator

Congratulations to first-time GETOM winner Rachael Munn. Rachael works in the Main Office as the HR Coordinator. She said she was very surprised and humbled to learn she won.

A typical day for Rachael includes updating and making changes in ADP, answering e-mails, phone calls, and requests from co-workers. Her favorite thing about work is learning new things every day and being able to help co-workers with any questions they have. Her advice for any new hire is to “be patient with yourself while you are learning and always put forth your best even in the little

Outside of work, Rachael enjoys spending time with my family and friends, listening to music, reading a good book, or going out to eat at a new restaurant. She said that is going to enjoy the summer sun as much as she can while it lasts.

Keep up the great work, Rachael.

Leon Nisley, Indiana Assistant Manager

Congratulations to second-time GEOTM winner Leon Nisley. Leon works at our Indiana Feed Mill as the Assistant Manager. He said he was shocked when he found out and was not expecting it, but do appreciate the acknowledgment.

Leon starts his day at 5:00 am and consists of building feed, loading up feed trucks, unloading trucks, bringing products in, working on the schedule for feed to be delivered to grower barns, and coordinating with drivers that bring products when we need them. He loves the challenge of keeping everything in smooth flow at the mill. His advice for any new hire is “always do your best in what is expected of you and be interested in what you are doing, and then you will be surprised at how
quickly you learn.”

Outside of work, Leon enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing games, cornhole, volleyball, camping, boating, and fishing. He is taking his family on vacation to Chautauqua Lake in New York the week of the fourth for some fishing and other activities.

Thank you for all your hard work, Leon. We are proud to have you on our team!


Sophie Snow, Chickery Production Supervisor

Congratulations to first-time GETOM winner Sophie Snow. Sophie works at the Chickery as the Production Supervisor. She said she was surprised and honored to have received this award.

A typical day for Sophie involves managing and spending time with her team, checking houses, looking over chickens, and planning ahead. Her favorite thing about work is seeing the team members and the chickens – they really do make her happy every day. Her advice for any new hire “is to take on something new and not to be afraid to be bad at it for a little while. If you stick with it, you will get to where you want to be.”

Outside of work, Sophie enjoys spending time with her cats, painting, yoga, and playing x-box. Her summer plans include working hard at the Chickery and going to the beach as many times as possible.

Thank you for all your hard work, Sophie. We are proud to have you on our team!

Bobbie Cadwell, Hennery Guard

Congratulations to first-time GEOTM winner Bobbie Cadwell. Bobbie works at the Hennery as the guard shack attendant. She was very surprised and excited to learn she won Good Egg!

A typical day for Bobbie includes greeting truck drivers and team members and always making sure bio-security standards are met every time without exception. Her favorite thing about work is meeting and greeting everyone who comes into the Hennery. Her nomination stated that “She is doing an excellent job working at the gate. She has been communicating very well with all the incoming trucks and the extra disinfecting we are doing. She has been a big help to us dealing with HPAI.”

Outside of work, Bobbie likes to camp, fish, and hang out with her family. Her summer plans include hanging out with all her friends and family.

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to keeping our birds and team members safe, Bobbie.


Kelsey Clark, Supply Chain Coordinator 

Congratulations to first-time GEOTM winner Kelsey Clark. Kelsey is the Supply Chain Coordinator and works in the Main Office. She has been with Herbruck’s for almost two years. She said she was very surprised to learn she won.

Kelsey’s main priority is making sure our customers are happy and taken care of. As supply chain coordinator, she enters the egg orders being sold and purchased by Herbruck’s and managing the Meijer store inventories to make sure we are keeping them properly stocked. She says her favorite thing about her job is knowing we serve such a great purpose in providing a great product to consumers all over the country.

Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her kids outdoors and staying active, whether it’s going to a baseball game or shooting hoops at the park. Her plans for summer include enjoying every ounce of the nice weather with her family and friends.

Hesau Mora, Chickery Service Crew Lead

Congratulations to first-time GEOTM winner Hesau Mora. Hesau is the Service Crew Lead at the Chickery and has been with Herbruck’s for 12 years.

A typical day for Hesau is working with his team to bring in the chicks, caring for them, maintaining house cleanliness, and preparing chicks for each step of life. His favorite thing about work is repairing equipment and always trying to make things work better and smoother. His advice for any new hire would be to “come to work, work hard, and get the job done.”

Outside of work, Hesau likes to play soccer and spend time with his children. His summer plans include going fishing at the lake.


Brandy Parks

Congratulations to first-time GEOTM winner Brandy Parks. Brandy works at Rector Road as the sanitation/housekeeping team member. She said she was very surprised to learn she won.

A typical day for Brandy includes doing laundry, cleaning the locker rooms, bathroom, and re-stocking all supplies for Rector Road. Her favorite thing about work is the hours, and she is always busy. Her advice for any new hire would be to “pay attention and ask questions.”

Outside of work, Brandy likes to collect black bear décor for her house and yard. She also enjoys researching her family tree and ancestors. Her summer plans include spending time up north and planning to visit Oswald’s Bear Ranch to feed the bear cubs.

Thank you for all your hard work, Brandy.

Jimmie Brooks

Congratulations to repeat GEOTM winner Jimmie Brooks. Jimmie is the Sanitation Supervisor at the Hennery and has been with Herbruck’s for “a good long time,” according to him.

A typical day for Jimmie is coming in and assessing all the jobs that need to be done, getting items around for all his team members, assigning jobs, and helping his team members in any way he can for all of them to be successful. His advice for new hires would be to “show up on time every day, give 100%, enough your work and work family.”

Jimmie enjoys spending time with his 16 grandchildren, traveling, and fishing with his brother outside of work. This summer, he plans to road trip to Oregon to see an old friend, head to Canada to go fishing with his brother and spend time with his family.

Thank you, Jimmie, for all your hard work and dedication to Herbruck’s.


Mangal Rai

Congratulations to first-time GEOTM winner Mangal Rai. Mangal is a Supervisor at the Station and has been with Herbruck’s for almost eight years now. He was so excited and thankful to Herbruck’s for winning this month!

A typical day for Mangal is transferring and vaccinating birds, preparing the crew with the nightly plan, and making sure all equipment is ready and in proper working order. He says his favorite thing about working for Herbruck’s is the birds and supervising his crew.

Mangal can be found fishing, watching movies, and hanging out with his family outside of work. He is looking forward to this summer because he will be visiting his home country of Nepal.

Thank you, Mangal, for all your hard work and dedication to Herbruck’s and the birds.

Ben Leland

Congratulations to Ben Leland, who won GEOTM for March. Ben works at our Chickery location in Maintenance and has been a team member for three years. He said he was shocked to learn he won as he didn’t know he was nominated.

A typical day for Ben includes checking feed, water, and doing any repairs in the barns. He also keeps up on any preventative maintenance when the barns are empty. He says his job is the perfect fit for him because he loves the mechanical aspect and finds it fun to work on all the equipment. His advice for any new hire would be to learn as much as possible and always stay positive.

Ben can be found fishing, hunting, and hanging out with his family outside of work. He is looking forward to this summer because his wife and children have plans to do more camping.

Congratulations on your win Ben. We are proud to have you on our team!


Lisa Kazmerski

Lisa is a repeat GEOTM winner and said she was surprised and grateful when she found out she won. Lisa has been a part of the Herbruck’s team for five and a half years. Currently, she is a Senior Feed Mill Clerk at Main Farm. Lisa’s day starts by working with farmers and truck drivers, bringing in ingredients, receiving, and processing paperwork. In the afternoon, she takes the paperwork from all Herbruck’s mills and finishes the process at her office in the Upper Office. Lisa loves to spend time with her husband and four children outside of work. She only has one child still in school, and he keeps her busy playing club soccer. They travel all over Michigan and other states to watch him play. The family also enjoys camping and playing board and card games together.

Lisa’s advice to a new hire is, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do the best you can and ask for help when you need it. There are lots of opportunities for growth in this company, so once you are comfortable with the job you were hired in at, don’t be afraid to try to branch out and help others.”

Thank you, Lisa, for staying motivated and striving for the best!

Juan Ibarra

Juan has been with Herbruck’s for fourteen years and is a part of the GMO Processing Team. This is his first time winning GEOTM, and he said he was shocked but pleased to hear he had won. When asked what the favorite part of his job Juan said, “It’s the people I work with. They make the days go well.” For Juan, a typical day involved clocking in at 5 a.m. and checking the run list for the products he needed to get out. Once processing starts running, Juan is found on the Hilo and can be found helping with changeovers to get the following product
being processed.

Juan likes to go fishing and hang out with his family outside of work. Juan was nominated because “he has never called in or had any occurrences in his time here. He always has a positive attitude and is willing to help anywhere and anyone. He is consistent and proficient in his position as Finished Goods Coordinator but is always willing to help out wherever it’s needed.”

Keep up the great work, Juan!


Zack Carter

Congratulations to two-time Good Egg winner Zack Carter. Zack is a Junior Analyst at the Main Office and has been with us for over nine years. When asked what his typical day looks like, he stated a regular day typically starts with checking on reports to make sure everything is refreshing correctly and checking emails. After that, his time is usually spent working on various reports, troubleshooting issues with our data as they come up, problem-solving, and brainstorming new ideas for reports and strategies to help our team.

Outside of work, Zack enjoys spending time with friends, whether it’s around a bonfire, bowling, or playing disc golf. To relax, he enjoys Netflix, playing games, and hanging out with his cat.

His advice to new employees is to “ask questions early and often. The more you learn, the better chance you’ll give yourself in advancing and making an impact.”

Congratulations on your win Zack. We are proud to have you on our team!

Maidelys Padro Ayala

Congratulations to first-time Good Egg winner Maidelys Padro Ayala. Maidelys works at Main Farm Production and has been an employee with Herbruck’s for over a year. She was shocked and surprised to learn she had won!

When asked what her typical day looks like, Maidelys said she helps all employees get assigned with their house and supplies needed for the day and checks feed and water for the houses. Her day continues with working on projects and assisting employees when needed. Her advice for new employees is “always try to do good at, and if you try hard and work hard in the long run you will be rewarded.”

When Maidelys is not working, she can be found dancing, spending time with her friends and family, and learning about the different cultures in the United States.

Way to go Maidelys! Thank you for being part of the Herbruck family!


LeeAnn Anderson

It’s no surprise that HR Generalist LeeAnn Anderson is a repeat GEOTM winner. She is humbled that she was recognized, even though she doesn’t enjoy the limelight. A typical day for LeeAnn is anything but dull. She answers many emails, phone calls, and in-person visits from employees regarding their time, vacation, benefits, and more. LeeAnn enjoys the wide variety of responsibilities and the ability to learn new things that her position brings. One of the favorite parts of her job is doing site visits with the employees, especially in the summer on ice cream day!

Outside of work, LeeAnn enjoys spending time with her two teenage sons, Will and Owen. But since they are teenagers, she says she only sees them when they want food or money, so she keeps herself busy with home improvement projects. Time out with friends and family or going for a good hike brings her a lot of happiness.

When asked for advice for a new hire LeeAnn says, “If you are struggling with something, ask for help. And this goes for everybody!” Thank you for being an essential part of the Herbruck’s team!

Muhammad Afzal

Muhammad is a first-time winner of the GEOTM award, and he said he feels grateful and very appreciated that he won. Muhammad has been with Herbruck’s since April 2019. As the Animal Welfare Auditor, he works nights along with the Station crew observing bird moves, vaccinations, and spent hens, as well as performing internal audits at all of our facilities. He speaks multiple languages and strives to maintain excellent communication with the Station crew members. When not shadowing the Station crews or conducting internal audits, Muhammad seeks to learn more about our certifying bodies and each set of animal welfare,
federal programs, and food safety standards we must comply with here at Herbruck’s. He says his favorite thing about work is to train new employees and spend time with the birds.

Outside of work, Muhammad likes to go shopping and spend time with his family, especially his daughter.

Thank you for everything you do, Muhammad