Every month, the management team nominates a team member who goes above and beyond for the prestigious “Good Egg” award.


Chef Mike Stapert

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the Main Office around noon, chances are you have met Chef Mike. Simply put, he makes great food! The care he puts into his cooking over the past nine years makes our team and important guests feel special. While Mike was shocked that he won – it wasn’t a surprise to those he works with every day. Chef Mike works hard and is always positive. He is quick to ask people how they are, talk food with them and enjoy a couple of laughs.

Outside of work, Mike can often be found road tripping in search of new foods, buying and selling sneakers as well as spending time with his family.

Thank you, Mike for all the delicious meals!

Asley Aguilar

Asley Aguilar, Production II at Rector Road, was thrilled to learn he won GEOTM. Asley originally started on the contractor team, and now Asley is an Herbruck’s team member as of nine months ago. Asley took the lead when our Service Crew Lead left on medical and became proficient in operating the power washer. He says that he enjoys everything about his position, and he encourages his coworkers and keeps them on task and focused. His manager, Brittany, says, “he comes to work daily with a good attitude and ready to get the job done.”

Outside of work, Asley enjoys working out and watching tv. Thank you, Asley, for being an essential part of our team!


John Zander

John Zander has been with Herbruck’s for four years, working in Production at the Chickery. As a first-time GEOTM winner he said he was surprised to hear he won. John’s primary duties include ensuring the equipment is maintained and the environment is in good condition for the birds. This also consists of operating the manure belts to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Outside of work, John enjoys reading and playing video games.

Ricardo Lopez

Ricardo Lopez, Station Supervisor joined the team just over twelve years ago. He was excited to hear that he had won GEOTM for the second time and feels good about his hard work being recognized.

Ricardo starts his day by prepping the machines, vaccines, and crew for their day. Once he has done this, he heads out to the farm assigned to his team that day. One of his favorite things about his position is the fast pace. His advice to a new hire is, “remain positive and have a good attitude, don’t sweat the small things. Every day is a learning experience, and the knowledge will come.”

You can find this dedicated family man outside of work spending time with his loved ones and resting up for the next week.


Hannah Karoub

Hannah is a first-time winner of the GEOTM award. She has been with Herbruck’s for over a year. Hannah is a Main Farm Production Supervisor, and one of the best parts about her position is working with her team. Hannah is proud to assist the team’s growth and provide a healthy, safe environment for the hens. As a supervisor, Hannah is responsible for ensuring proper feed and water in the barns she supervises. She also works on daily and monthly calendar work in the barns and help employees when needed.

Outside of work, Hannah likes to go camping, fishing, kayaking, and spending time with her family. Hannah’s advice to a new hire is “put your best foot forward and always come to work with a good attitude. Make goals for yourself and work hard to reach them.”

Dan Campbell

Dan is a first-time GEOTM winner, and he said he was shocked when he found out he won. Dan started in 2019 as a flock service attendant at the Hennery and then transferred to the Maintenance Team. Dan is currently a Production IV team member in the Hennery Manure Department. His days include morning meetings, checking the functionality of the equipment, and assisting the team with repairs. Dan’s favorite thing about work is that each day is a little different and he enjoys facing the challenges brought his way.

Outside of work, you will find Dan enjoying bowling, fishing, and gardening. Dan says that he would tell a new hire “to work hard, take the initiative to learn as much as you can because this company has a lot to offer.”


Jamie Cross

This is Jamie’s first time winning GEOTM. She is currently an Environment, Health and Safety Coordinator (EHS) working out of Main Farm, but previously worked as a Production Member Developer.

Jamie spends about half of her time in her office working on safety projects, updating EHS inspection completion statuses, meeting with external contractors, performing EHS inspections, and observing safety drills. Her favorite part of her job is traveling between the farms to complete the inspections and interacting with the teams to create a safer, more engaging work environment.

Outside of work, she enjoys camping, performing in rodeos with her horses, motocross racing, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. Jamie’s plans for the rest of summer include finishing college courses, attending the National Safety Conference for work, and going to the Baja Brawl in Millington for fun.

Rebecca Clements

Rebecca is a first-time winner of the GEOTM award, and she was shocked when she found out she had won. While Rebecca has only been with Herbruck’s for less than a year, she has made a big impact in her position.

A typical day for Rebecca includes scaling trucks in and out, filling out daily logs, taking care of overall mill maintenance, filling ingredient bins, and cleaning around the mill. She especially enjoys getting to know the drivers that come in – no two days are the same!

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys reading, playing video games, doing art projects, and spending time with her family. She is also really looking forward to a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, in October.


Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez is a repeat winner of the GEOTM award. When Jose found out he won, he was speechless and just couldn’t believe it. Jose is part of the Facilities Maintenance Team at Main Farm and has been with Herbruck’s for ten years. He says his favorite thing about work is the people he gets to work with. For Jose, each day brings something different. One day he may be performing repairs, and the next day he is maintaining landscaping.

Outside of work, Jose enjoys working on projects and not sitting still. Jose said he prefers to keep busy and his family always tells him “take a break.” Jose’s advice to a new hire is, “take your time and work hard.”

Mike Charles

Mike Charles said he was shocked when he found out he had won. He has been with Herbruck’s for just under ten years as a fabricator in Main Farm Maintenance. Mike is part of a team that creates solutions to improve the way we all work. He enjoys being able to work with different departments and says no day is the same.

When Mike is not at work, he is volunteering at his local American Legion. In addition, he is part of a charity riders’ program that raises funds for veterans and the community. Mike was nominated for this award because “he is always willing to go the extra mile.” Mike’s advice to a new hire is to stay open-minded and learn.


Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks is a two-time GEOTM winner who works night watch at Rector Road. When Sam first started with Herbruck’s nearly three years ago, he was on the flock service crew. A typical day for Sam begins with checking for work orders, followed by a walk-through of the coops, and property. He likes that each day is just a little bit different.

Outside of work, Sam raises Highlands beef cattle. He feeds the cattle an all-natural diet that, in his words, “makes the best steak you have ever had.” Sam also likes to go hunting and fishing with his dog. He loves spending time with his children and grandchildren. His advice to a new hire is to work hard and listen.

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy Martin is a first-time GEOTM winner and was surprised to hear he won! He has worked at Herbruck’s for the better part of 12 years in the fertilizer department at the Hennery. Jeremy’s favorite thing about his position is having the opportunity to work with different people each day and being outside.

When he is not at work, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his five children and wife. The summer started on a high note for Jeremy as he just got married and enjoyed a Florida honeymoon with his new bride. He is looking forward to fall so he can watch football – GO BLUE!

His advice to a new hire is, “it can be tough at first but stick with it because it’s worth it. Herbruck’s is a good company to work for.”


Camiel Mills

Camiel is a first-time Good Egg of the Month winner after being with Herbruck’s for four years. When asked what her reaction was to winning, she said “super egg-cited. I have never been recognized for something like this.”

As an Employee Developer at Green Meadow Organics, she starts her day with coffee and a smile! Camiel reviews team member schedules, works with HR to track training, and ensures the GMO team has the tools they need to be egg-ceptional. She explains that the best parts is being hands-on with the processing staff, working with other departments, and learning new things.

Outside of work, Camiel loves spending time with her children, going on adventures, watching crime shows, and, if she has time to spare, doing hair. Camiel and her children recently enjoyed a family vacation to Universal Orlando to see all things Harry Potter.

Her best advice to a new hire is to do your best, ask questions, and that success comes from knowledge and hard work.

Sean Knapp

Sean is a truck driver at our Main Farm location and has been with Herbruck’s for seven years. This is Sean’s first-time winner of the GEOTM. He said it was a total surprise when he found out he won because in his words, “he was just doing the best at his job.” His favorite thing about his position is making customers happy. Sean says his typical day consists of delivering eggs to Meijer and Costco.

Outside of work, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, swimming, and fishing. Sean’s advice to new hires would be, “Stay positive. Every day is a new challenge and show perseverance and determination with everything you do.”


Theresa Thompson

First time Good Egg winner Theresa Thompson was shocked when her manager, Kevin Fortier, told her she won. Theresa has been part of the Herbrucks family for just over 7.5 months. She is an Accounts Receivable Clerk at the Main Office and says there is not a part of her job she does not like. Theresa starts her day by picking up the BOLS from main farm shipping, printing BOLS from GMO and PA, invoicing the egg shipments and processing payments. The positive atmosphere at Herbruck’s is the favorite part of Theresa’s day.

Outside of work she enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family. Theresa and her husband also like to do spring home improvement projects. The advice she would give to a new hire is to work hard and don’t be afraid to ask questions

Molly Murray

Molly Murray is a third time Good Egg winner. She has been with the Herbruck’s family for nearly 9 years and works in the main office as a Supply Chain Coordinator. A typical day consists of tracking daily production and sales, forecasting future sales, inputting customers egg orders and providing customer service. When asked what she likes most about her role, Molly stated that her job has evolved significantly since she started, so there is never a dull moment and she is learning new things all the time.

When she is not at work, Molly enjoys taking her kids, Theo and Miriam to the park or cooking Sunday dinner with her husband Steve. This spring Molly is looking forward to planting the family garden and seeing friends and family she has missed during covid. Molly would advise a new hire to be a problem solver and to see problems as challenges you can learn from.


Brandon Styczynski

Brandon is an I.T. Helpdesk team member, and this is his second time winning the Good Egg of the Month. He said he enjoys his job because he gets to work with different people at all the locations – no day is the same. Brandon’s days involve helping anyone that contacts the helpdesk with computer issues and installing equipment.

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. The Styczynski family likes to do anything outdoors, such as riding bikes, fishing, and camping. Brandon was nominated for this award because “he has a good attitude and is very easy to get along with and work with.”

He would advise a new hire to work hard, be respectful, and you can become anything!

Nolan Blackport

Nolan is a production maintenance member from the Main Farm location and has been with the company for about three years. Nolan says a typical day of work is checking and maintaining the hens feed and water level, monitoring egg flow, and helping the maintenance team with any unexpected issues. His favorite thing about his position is that he has a new challenge every day.

When not at work, Nolan enjoys hunting and fishing (he prefers to catch bass). Before winter ends, he plans on getting in as much ice fishing as possible. Nolan’s advice to new hires would be to work hard – even if you don’t feel you are making progress, it will pay off in the end.


Tony Sherman

It’s clear from Tony’s picture that he’s a busy guy! When Tony is not working in the warehouse at Main Farm, he enjoys spending time with his children, being outside, going on trips and experiencing new things. One of these new things was being a first time Good Egg of the month winner! When asked what his reaction was when he found out he won, Tony said “I was surprised. It put a smile on my face – honesty. It was a friendly joke around the farm that I had never won the good egg award! So that will not be the case anymore.” Tony says that over the five years he has been with us he likes that every day is different for him and this can include

Amber Monger

Amber is a first time GEOTM winner after having been with Herbruck’s for just over eight years. As a Supervisor working at the station, Amber starts his day early so he can have everything ready before his crew arrives. During a common day, he makes sure that his crew of 15 is performing their duties as they should. These duties include vaccinating and bird transfer as well as ensuring bird safety standards are met. He explains that the best parts of his job are training and working as a team. When not at work Amber enjoys fishing, spending time with his kids and watching Netflix. His best advice to a new hire is to work hard and everything will come to you in time.


Leo Rowland

Congratulations to two time Good Egg winner, Leo Rowland! Leo is a warehouse supervisor at the main farm who has been with us for 8 years. When asked what his normal day looks like Leo said he loads a high volume of eggs on trailers while working along side some great people. Leo enjoys the challenge and pace of his position.

When Leo is not working he can be found spending quality time with his wife and children. The Rowland family, especially Leo and his wife, are big UFC fans. Leo would advise a new hire to pay attention, work hard, have a good attitude and take pride in your job. He added that Herbruck’s is a very good company to work for and there is lots of opportunity to grow.

Diane Perham

Diane Perham was pleasantly surprised when she found out she won Good Egg for January. Diane, who works in our accounting department is a four time winner during her 10 years at Herbrucks. She starts her day early so that she can focusing on reviewing pricing, working with inventories, vetting reports and resolving problems uninterrupted. Diane enjoys the variety of her position along with the multiple departments she works with.

Outside of work Diane spends time with her dog, trap shoots and reads. To be successful at Herbruck’s, Diane says a new hire should watch, listen and learn. Gaining knowledge is the key.