Green Meadow Organic Fertilizers

For the family looking to create a healthy, safe, and beautiful outdoor space, Green Meadow Organics fertilizer delivers natural performance. From our farm to your landscape, we deliver natural performance with an all-natural, organic, and sustainably sourced fertilizer.

At Green Meadow Organics, our fertilizer completes the “Organic Cycle” by providing an all-natural organic alternative to the traditional chemical-based options. Our certified humanely raised hens are fed a premium, vegetable-based organic diet that provides the natural material base for our fertilizer.

The nutrients available from our fertilizer helps to strengthen the root system while the all-natural organic matter helps to conserve water by trapping moisture. All of this is contained in a crumbled pellet that is easy to mix in your plant beds and flows easily through your favorite spreader to provide a healthy Family and Pet-safe outdoor area to enjoy all season long!

Product Features

  • Premium, all-natural organic chicken litter based product line
  • All-Natural Organic products, OMRI® listed*
  • All-Season and Spring Lawn Fertilizer offerings
  • All-Season formula for plant and vegetable beds
  • Convenient, easy to handle 25# and 40# bags

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*Spring Boost formula OMRI listing pending