Learn a little more about our team members that make up the Herburck’s family

We often refer to the generations of the Herbruck family working together, but many other families are working at Herbruck’s. One of these families includes twin sisters Lacie McGraw and Mandy Brock. Lacie joined us nearly five years ago, and Mandy started her employment just over three years ago. The sisters work at our Main Farm, where Lacie is a member of our quality assurance team, and Mandy is the gate guard attendant.

While they have separate day-to-day duties, they say that their favorite part of their day is the variety and interaction with people. Anyone who knows Lacie and Mandy knows they are both friendly and quick with a smile.

Outside of work, family is important to both sisters. Lacie has three children, and Mandy has two children plus a much-loved granddaughter. Making memories by spending time outside, playing with the dogs, watching movies, or crafting are just some of the things these family-oriented sisters like to do.