Animal Welfare Policy

As the progressive industry leader, Herbruck’s strives to execute a scientifically based approach to ensuring our birds are free from hunger and thirst; free from disease and discomfort; and free to express their normal behaviors.

Freedom from hunger and thirst

  • Vertical integration allows for strong control of quality, flock-appropriate diets. 
  • Easily accessible feed is 3rd-party verified for per bird bunk space requirements.
  • Clean, accessible water is 3rd-party verified for per bird nipple requirements.

Freedom from disease and discomfort

  • Preventative medicine is paramount.
  • Optimum hen health is achieved through management, vaccination, nutrition, and biosecurity.
  • Environment is maintained to minimize stress through lighting, ventilation, and employee training.

Freedom to express normal behaviors

  • Hens are able to perch, jump, and fly within their cage-free environments.
  • Open floor space allows birds to scratch, dustbathe, and socialize.
  • Nest spaces facilitating a calm, quiet, and isolated egg laying-environment.